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Cats, Dogs, Spiders and ? every Friday.
I’ll post links to sites that have Friday (or shortly thereafter) photos of their chosen animals as I see them (no photoshops and no humans).
Leave a comment or trackback to this post and I’ll add yours to the list. If there is interest I’ll keep this as a weekly feature.
Privious editions: 10/22/04, 10/15/2004, 10/8/2004, 10/1/2004 and 9/24/2004.

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  • Pharyngula

    Friday Leanchoilia blogging

    Hmmmph. I'm a bit miffed. The New York Times is finding the news so slow (ha!) that they can write fluff about Friday cat blogging by the usual suspects, but week after week I tell you all about much more interesting beasties, and do I get any men…

  • Running Scared

    Friday Pet Blogging – Early Edition

    A quick reminder in case you like pet blogging… later today, be sure to stop by The Modulator for a roundup of pet posts from around the blogosphere. For more feline specific material, stop on by When Cats Attack this Sunday for a weekly gathering …

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