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Here’s the bait:

“Just imagine it—great pelagic orgies, the males thrusting wantonly with their massive penile arms, promiscuously inseminating any nearby slickly molluscan body. Perhaps they end up sated and exhausted from their frenzied exertions and, oblivious and insensate, drift ashore to die content. Forget March of the Penguins. There’s a great documentary to be made here: Squid Gone Wild. Cephalopod Sex Party. I want to see Michael Medved review it.”

Even if you have figured out who it is go read about him here, now!
Warning: Not ID friendly.

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    Clubbing tonight!

    The rumors are true—I have to make a trip into the U of M to pick up some of the Pharynguloid spawn for the Thanksgiving holidays, and as long as I'm there, I plan to stop in at the 331 Club to join the Drinking Liberally crowd (sadly Wegele…

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