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In a nutshell, the pioneers of music trading appear to have joined the dinosaurs of the recording industry. Read and weep (there were 2300 shows here yesterday).
I’ve downloaded only a few complete GD shows from the Archive, streamed quite a few more, bought many commercial releases over the years including the just shipping 1969 Box Set (why hasn’t it arrived yet) and never, ever traded one of the Dead’s commercial releases. And still won’t. But I also will not be adding any new commercial releases to my collection for a while, if ever again…hell, I don’t even get close to cycling through my collection once every 5 years.
The music is theirs to control however they want. However, if they want to change the culture I can damn well change my buying habits.
Update: David Gans has some thoughts to share.

5 thoughts on “Bad News for Deadheads

  • Kim

    It’s my understanding that we can still trade the boards that are out there, but they won’t be on Archive anymore for download. Is that not so?

  • Steve

    Hi Kim,
    I haven’t seen anything yet that says we can’t trade the boards that are in circulation…but given the rolling back at the archive I wouldn’t be shocked to see them (ugh, who is the them) announce this in the near future.
    IMHO, This is a boneheaded move.

  • Kim

    I’m reserving judgement. It didn’t come as a shock to me, because it’s been in the works for a long time. It’s always been the policy that Archive had to remove any boards that were officially released, and it’s been long rumored that they want to open the entire Vault for sale. So if they’re getting ready to make that happen, it explains the changes on Archive.

  • Steve

    Yes, agreed. That is the best explanation for what is happening.
    Nevertheless, it is still a major change in culture. And, unless what they are going to sell is significantly better in quality it might be pretty easy for people to choose to stick with what’s been in circulation.
    I’m not sure that I’ll accept them putting everything online at the kind of prices they are currently charging as a reason to stop trading boards.
    I look forward to some convincing words from the band members.

  • Scott

    We won’t get words from the band; we’ve heard conflicting things lately from fans who have connections — this seems to possibly be non-Phil related, for one thing.
    Aside — we caught two Phil shows last week. Tuesday was fair, but Wednesday was one for the ages, with a killer Dark Star encore and a to-die-for Cats Under the Stars.

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