I’ll Be Just Fine With This 2nd Set!!!

When we see them later this summer in Eugene:
Furthur, 6/26, MCU Part, New York
Shakedown Street ->
Caution (Do Not Step On Tracks) ->
Jack Straw ->
Playin’ In The Band ->
Dark Star (1st verse) ->
St Stephen ->
The Eleven ->
Dark Star# (2nd verse) ->
Terrapin Station Suite#
Donor Rap
Brokedown Palace ->
# with Kenny Brooks
Close will do as we will certainly not get this one.
Via Mark Kraitchman

Quote of the Day: A Lesson From Counterculture Economics

We were going along really well. And then the crowds came in. All the people who were looking for something….[There were] too many people to take care of and not enough people willing to do something. There were a lot of people looking fo the fee ride. That’s the death of any scene, when you have more drag energy than you have forward-going energy.”
From Blair Jackson’s excellent Garcia: An America Life, 1999, page 132 Paperback Edition

Garcia was referring to the Haight-Ashbury scene in the late 1960s. It was relatively small and crashed quickly under the weight of drag energy.

Larger societies, say continent spanning countries, will take longer to crash but the mechanism is the same and the results, well, they are likely to be much messier.

The Dead Are About to Start Their Tour

And the New York Times has found the Grateful Dead.
While the discussion is fun I’m not sure trying to pick their best show is ultimately productive; there were so many great ones.
Barton Hall, 5-8-77, is certainly a great listen. From ambiance to music 9/2/72 in Veneta, Or is my favorite. Perhaps the Sunshine Daydream videos will get a real release some day.
A mostly unnoted favorite of mine is 9-2-83, Boise, Idaho. Yea, another September 2nd show…go figure.

They had just spent 3 night in Eugene playing in the small Hult Center (great acoustics) and just exploded from beginning to end in the much larger Boise State Pavilion.

Update (4/10): You can pre-order downloads of all the shows on the tour; even all 29 shows as complete sets in either MP3 or FLAC. I can’t afford the whole set this year but I will pick up at least a couple shows for the library.

Update 2 (4/10): A nice story on the Wall of Sound.