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And the New York Times has found the Grateful Dead.
While the discussion is fun I’m not sure trying to pick their best show is ultimately productive; there were so many great ones.
Barton Hall, 5-8-77, is certainly a great listen. From ambiance to music 9/2/72 in Veneta, Or is my favorite. Perhaps the Sunshine Daydream videos will get a real release some day.
A mostly unnoted favorite of mine is 9-2-83, Boise, Idaho. Yea, another September 2nd show…go figure.

They had just spent 3 night in Eugene playing in the small Hult Center (great acoustics) and just exploded from beginning to end in the much larger Boise State Pavilion.

Update (4/10): You can pre-order downloads of all the shows on the tour; even all 29 shows as complete sets in either MP3 or FLAC. I can’t afford the whole set this year but I will pick up at least a couple shows for the library.

Update 2 (4/10): A nice story on the Wall of Sound.

2 thoughts on “The Dead Are About to Start Their Tour

  • Kim

    The price for the flac downloads is really good, but there’s no way I’d pre-order a show that hasn’t happened yet. I’ll wait till the best 4 or 5 are narrowed down, then cut that to 1 or 2.

  • Steve

    Agreed, I thought that was pretty crazy.
    I used to to lean toward completist with respect to the GD but no way with TD.

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