Rogue State? 1 comment

Billmon ponders:

I’ve been trying to picture what the world might look like the day after a U.S. nuclear strike on Iran, but I’m essentially drawing a blank. There simply isn’t a precedent for the world’s dominant superpower turning into a rogue state — much less a rogue state willing to wage nuclear war against potential, even hypothetical, security threats. At that point, we’d truly be through the looking glass.

This shouldn’t be so hard to visualize because it is not a nuclear strike against Iran that is the turning point. That turning point was reached several years ago. The world’s dominant superpower has already turned into a rogue state and we are already on the other side of the looking glass as exemplified by the fact that this discussion is even happening.

There is still some small possibility of getting back to the sane side. Don’t expect your congress critters to lead the way anytime soon.

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