Daily Archives: December 4, 2006


Mix X-files, Twin Peaks and all your favorite super hero comics together. Then add some special sauce to produce Heroes.

It is the best show on the tube at this time. Well, certainly the best show that I’ve watched over the past few years.

All time? Maybe….but that answer will have to wait a few years.

I Passed. Can You?

The INS wants you score 80% or better on an oral version of this test.
I scored 90% and will make the usual disclaimer that at least one of the questions I got wrong was not particularly germane to being a good citizen. It was something that most folks would look up rather than remember.
How well did you do?
Here is the current list of possible questions (PDF) with answers.
In the new pilot exam (PDF) applicants are required to anwer only 6 out of 10 questions during the pilot period.

Via Rants From The Rookery.