Daily Archives: December 10, 2006

Quote of the Day

Yeah, we’re much better here. The government only rapes rather than kills you.
Warren Meyer, Coyote Blog, 12/10/2006

Read the rest to find out how milk producers are making millions off the back of American consumers.

Also see Battlepanda.

Update 12/11: From Kip at A Stitch in Haste:

“Crushing a competitor” by outcompeting him is one thing. Crushing him by outpoliticking him is something entirely different and entirely despicable.
So the next time you hear a baby crying for milk — or a liberal crying about milk prices, or prices in general, or income and poverty in America — rest assured that Congress is “doing something” about it.
Just don’t think too much about what that “something” actually is.

What the h’ does it cost?

It’s time, well, past time for Xmas lists and such. Our family circulates our wish lists via email and we double check with each other when buying gifts for another family member. This has worked fine for many years but I’m a sucker for trying new stuff.
Thus, when I ran across this post touting a service called Family Gift Organizer I decided to take a few minutes to check it out.
It has a pretty nifty set of capabilities that mimic quite a bit of our wish list and gift buying behavior:

The Family Gift Organizer will allow you and all the members of your family or group to organize your gift giving activities. Each member will be able to:

* Enter his/her own “wish” list including the name of the item, a short description, a web site address to be linked to the gift item and a price range
* View all other family member’s “wish” lists
* Plan purchases, designate gift items as purchased and add gift items to the “wish” lists of other family members
* Personalize his/her “wish” list page with a photo, a short description and contact information

The Family Gift Organizer keeps your planning and purchasing secret from other family members. Gifts that you add to another family member’s list will not be displayed when that family member logs in.

Ok, I’m a bit more interested now but find within the small print a suggestion that the service costs something. Now, I’m quite willing to pay for a useful service. Tell me what it costs and I’ll make a choice.
What was not acceptable was that I could not find the price anywhere on the publicly visible pages. Apparently they expect you to register before they tell you the subscription fee.

No thanks!