Daily Archives: February 1, 2007

Congratualtions to Mary and Heather

Mary Cheney and her partner Heather are going to be proud parents! And embroiled in debate.
David at Resurrection Song expresses my sentiments:

While there should never have been any doubt that her pregnancy would become a political issue. With her father being one of the most divisive public figures in the country and issues stemming from her sexuality being some of the more hotly debated topics of the last few years, it was obvious that there would be some questions.
It should be simpler, though. It should be about a choice that Mary Cheney and her partner made and about congratulating them on their good fortune. Unless the couple start beating that kid, fail to provide him with a good home, or are somehow falling down in their parental obligations, there is no public interest here. We can debate abstracts if we really need to, but we can’t–or shouldn’t–debate that child.

Dan Savage agrees that there will be no escaping the politics and makes the point that Mary contributed to these politics, hoist by her own petard:

So welcome to the political debate, Mary, and remember…
Your side started it. It only serves you right that you’re going to have to finish it.
And you might want to have it all wrapped up before your kid is old enough to understand what’s being said about his family by your dad’s political allies. Take it from me, Mary: Explaining to your child, after he heard something hateful on the radio, that his family is very much “real,” that it’s not an attack on anyone else’s family, and that his parents are, in fact, fit to be his parents is as distressing and emotionally exhausting as it is unnecessary. And I blame you.

Mary, congrats again on the future child and welcome to politics.

Florida governor Favors Stealing From The Poor to Give to the Rich

Yep, governor crist wants to steal more from taxpayers to subsidize wealthy team owners and players:

Gov. Charlie Crist announced he is a fan of using taxpayer money to subsidize sports stadiums.
Crist, a former minor league baseball attorney and one-time college quarterback, said stadiums rev up local economies and benefit communities in other ways.

Hey, if the stadium is a viable business opportunity then it should stand on its own income production. That various tax breaks and subsidies appear to be required argues strongly that the underlying business model is broken. Or that the Marlin’s ownership has figured out a great scam. Or, well, both!

Folks, just say no to subsidizing sports stadiums. The money that is taken from you to “rev up local economies” and so forth is money that you could have spent with some other business or invested for you and your families future.