Florida governor Favors Stealing From The Poor to Give to the Rich 1 comment

Yep, governor crist wants to steal more from taxpayers to subsidize wealthy team owners and players:

Gov. Charlie Crist announced he is a fan of using taxpayer money to subsidize sports stadiums.
Crist, a former minor league baseball attorney and one-time college quarterback, said stadiums rev up local economies and benefit communities in other ways.

Hey, if the stadium is a viable business opportunity then it should stand on its own income production. That various tax breaks and subsidies appear to be required argues strongly that the underlying business model is broken. Or that the Marlin’s ownership has figured out a great scam. Or, well, both!

Folks, just say no to subsidizing sports stadiums. The money that is taken from you to “rev up local economies” and so forth is money that you could have spent with some other business or invested for you and your families future.

One thought on “Florida governor Favors Stealing From The Poor to Give to the Rich

  • Elisson

    Taxpayers have no businesss subsidizing sports stadiums. But the burden also falls on non-taxpayers: visitors to the city in question, who have extra taxes and fees laid upon their hotel and rental car bills. By getting out-of-towners to shoulder the burden, local politicos soften the blow on their own consituencies. Cowards! Where is the outrage?

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