Daily Archives: March 11, 2007


A few changes:
1) Kip says: –Host-based trackbacking is out; Technorati Trackbacks are in. I have added a Technorati View blog reactions link to my templates. However, I still like host-based trackbacks and continue to support them.
2) If you look at individual posts on Modulator (click on the post title or the Permalink at the end of the post) you will see at the bottom a link to Social bookmark this page. This link utilizes the Socializer service. Please take advantage of this. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get this to work on the main page.
3) I’ve removed the Top Referrers Blogroll from the top of the right sidebar. When the stats got messed up on my host for 6-7 months last year I stopped updating this blogroll and have not started again since the stats were fixed. No one seems to have noticed and everyone that would have been there is still on a left side bar roll.
4) I’m doing some other blogroll tweaking and will report on this next weekend.