Daily Archives: January 16, 2008

A Quick Fix for Obesity?

The genetic basis of human weight control is complex. New research suggests that as many as 6000 genes may be involved in determining body weight.

“Our results suggest that each newly discovered gene is just one of the many thousands that influence body weight, so a quick fix to the obesity problem is unlikely.”

The idea that we as individuals, families and society can screw up our bodies and then go down to a Doc and get a quick fix is one of the major issues with rising health care costs.
Take care of yourself in the first place and most of you will not need a quick fix for obesity…be it a pill or bariatric surgery.
Don’t get me wrong. I do not object to the research. Rather, I object to the idea that a magic pill or a genetic modification that will help you lose weight is the fix that is needed.
A long term solution is needed and that will mean dismantling a good part of the culture of obesity that we live in.

I’m overweight. I’ve already taken a short walk and I’ll be on my erg in about 2 hours. Have you exercised today?