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The Straight Shot Express Flip-Flops

john, prove it isn’t so!
Steve Benen reports that there are “some inconsistencies” in mcain’s record:

And if we’re playing by Republican rules, McCain’s “inconsistencies” should be a fairly serious problem.
With this in mind, for the first time in months, I thought now would be a good time to update the list of John McCain’s Biggest Flip-Flops. There have been some key additions since the last time I did this (in November).

Uhhh, more than a few. Consider your top 2-3 issues and then go look at the lists of flip-flops.
You may agree with his most recent position but can you trust him to hold that position a year from now?

Via Kevin Drum.

New Zealand Olympic Singles Trials

Today, weather permitting, is the 3rd of a best of 3 series to determine the New Zealand Olympic rowing singles entrant.
New Zealand, who cares?
Well, the competitors are Mahe Drysdale, 3 time world champion, and Rob Waddell, two time world, 2000 Olympic champion and still the 19-29 Men’s world record holder at 2000 meters on the erg.
Everybody in the world rowing community will be interested. As for the rest of you….unless you join in on the fun you will be missing out on great athletes performing at the top level of one of the world’s most demanding sports.
Here is a news clip from after yesterday’s second race.
And, here is where to catch today’s race live at a to be determined time (there are weather issues) or streaming later.

BTW, time in New Zealand currently appears to be about 3 hours behind US PST.

Update 3/3: The race has been rescheduled to 3/5 at 9:00 AM (I believe Noon PST)