Daily Archives: March 4, 2008

Caucus Farcus

It looks like some of the Texas democratic caucuses were even more of a mess than the ones we had here in Washington:

This was essentially a cattle call – people were herded in to sign their name, list their preference, and then most left. It was not like the Iowa caucuses at all – and we are all at the mercy of the eventual signature counters.

A Publius says:

It’s quite possibly the worst delegate-selection system ever.

Surely the democratic party can come up with a democratic system of delegate selection like, well, maybe elections in which everyone can participate. Oh, and in which everyone’s vote carries the same weight.

Telecom Immunity

It is likely that congress is going to roll over for the bushies once again and grant immunity to some telecom companies who broke the law.
As noted at The Left Coaster the issue from the administration perspective is not about the dollar penalties that might be assessed. It is about covering the administration’s ass.
So why are the dems licking it?
The only reason that I can think of is that the congress critters and their presidential candidates think that violating the 4th amendment might be a good tool for them to have in their kit as well.

It is not as if the democratic party has ever been all about respect for individuals and their rights both real and as expressed in the constitution. Quite the contrary.