Is obama Morphing Into An Articulate Bush? 1 comment

Both clinton and obama have regularly played the faith card that colored so much of w’s time in office. Now obama has added a page out of the huckabee playbook to his campaign.
As the NPR article linked above shows, obama has been preaching this message throughout his campaign. It really shouldn’t have taken the Kentucky flier to quell PZ’s support a bit. Really, the dems have been pandering to this demographic for years now.
Regular readers know I place little faith in government and none in politicians. Nevertheless, I will admit to attending a democratic caucus and voting for obama. Why? Because of his opponent’s early and long support for the Iraq invasion and ongoing debacle. Failure to see through the bush veil of lies should itself preclude someone from this office.
Now, while obama still says he will end the war quickly he has started wearing the adornments of the bush administration war machine:
Really, his uniform was just fine without the lapel pin.

BTW, it might be reasonable for voters to trust democrats more than republicans however trusting politicians of any ilk is much like the chickens trusting the fox. Both parties are interested in taking care of the citizens voters only to the extent necessary to maintain power.

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