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Pardoning the Unpardenable

Avedon argues that impeachment will prevent bush from pardoning the many criminals in his administration:

Brent Budowski is predicting Bush will issue mass pardons of all the criminals in his administration, and I have no reason to think he’s wrong, because there is only one thing that can prevent it: impeachment.

Well, it may take more than simply impeaching bush. There is, you see, a line of succession. You will have to take out cheney before he becomes president. Then numbers 2 and 3 are democrats, byrd and pelosi, who have spent the past 7 years enabling the bush debacle.
byrd might be more likely than pelosi to not issue pardons before the next president takes office. But, really, what makes you think a president obama would not issue pardons? Bringing all these perps to trial would lead to a diminishment of the very power obama seeks.

On the less dim side of this: it will be clear that anyone bush pardons was, indeed, guilty!

Marketing That Does Not Work

I still receive quite a bit of snail mail spam. If it is a credit card solicitation I’ll send the postage paid envelope back stuffed with all the paper that doesn’t have identifying information on it.
Once in a while I’ll open something to glance at the come on which led me to this blatant lie:

Dear Home Owner,
Recently while in your neighborhood I noticed that your cedar shake roof may need some attention soon.

Except that, well, we had our cedar shake roof replaced a year ago.
Really, Platinum Roofing, if you are going to use a half-baked come on like this at least do your fieldwork.
The one thing they did gain from this is name recognition.

I will remember to mention them whenever I talk to someone about roofing: don’t use these guys. They lie.

Let Us Now Give Thanks…

…to our government:

We now depend on a few corn and soybean strains for the majority of calories (both animal and vegetable) eaten by U.S. citizens. Our addiction to just two crops has made us the fattest people who’ve ever lived,dining just a few pathogens away from famine.
Barbara Kingsolver, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, 2007, pg 54

A long series of government interventions in and regulation of many different aspects of the market system has led to this state.
Those who find “the answer” in more government intervention and regulation should consider exactly what that approach has achieved to date and whether what we now have writ larger is really their goal.
If it is then we must ask whether this goal is really the health, life and liberty of this country’s and the world’s people.