Daily Archives: July 28, 2008

Marketing That Does Not Work

I still receive quite a bit of snail mail spam. If it is a credit card solicitation I’ll send the postage paid envelope back stuffed with all the paper that doesn’t have identifying information on it.
Once in a while I’ll open something to glance at the come on which led me to this blatant lie:

Dear Home Owner,
Recently while in your neighborhood I noticed that your cedar shake roof may need some attention soon.

Except that, well, we had our cedar shake roof replaced a year ago.
Really, Platinum Roofing, if you are going to use a half-baked come on like this at least do your fieldwork.
The one thing they did gain from this is name recognition.

I will remember to mention them whenever I talk to someone about roofing: don’t use these guys. They lie.