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obama continues to show his true colors, this time on offshore drilling, and Bryan nails him:

Obama doesn’t have to worry about sacrificing principles, he doesn’t have any.
Following on the heels of his FISA vote you have to wonder if there is anything he won’t give away for a “compromise”. I would say that assuming he will protect a woman’s right to choose is a pretty iffy proposition at this point. You have to wonder if Al Gore is regretting his endorsement.
For the record, no law is normally a better idea than a bad law.

This is not really new to Bryan but it can not be said enough. obama is another politician. They do not have your interests in mind just your votes.

Oh yea, there has been little legislation produced by congress, since its first session, that is not a result of deeply flawed compromises and when there is unanimity or near unanimity it is legislation of little consequence or something that should scare the stuffing out of you

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