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Another collection of Grateful Dead memorabilia is going on the auction block. Most of it from Vince Welnick’s collection but some material from Pig Pen, John Kahn and Rock Scully stuff as well.
Including A Rock Scully metal attaché case used to transport important items for The Grateful Dead while on tour, 1960s-1980s:


One can wonder what important items besides the band’s payroll might have travelled in this case.
For the tapers there is this collection of soundboards from Welnick’s time with the band:


We may be mostly digital now and some didn’t like the ’90s Dead much but this is enough to bring tears of desire to anyone who collected few or many GD tapes over the years.

Too bad this stuff is selling into a poor economic environment. Too bad I don’t have a few extra worth less today greenbacks.

3 thoughts on “More Skeletons From the Closet

  • alice

    I dunno… there seems to be something terribly awry when people are paying top dollar for Dead-abilia. Who are these deep pockets?!? Back in the day, we were all lucky if we could get together enough money to pay for the gas to the show and the burrito afterwards…

  • Steve

    I’ve pondered this same question a time or two.
    This time around two thoughts:
    1. A lot of the deep pockets may well have been hit by the current economic conditions. It is too bad for the sellers, especially Vince’s wife, that they are selling into such poor economic conditions.
    2. Yea, a lot of the folks at shows even today do not look like they can afford the gas or the burrito. However, there are a lot of folks out there who perhaps weren’t all that well off 15, 20, 30 years ago but have been busy since and are reasonably to quite well off now. Lots of lawyer, physician, stockbroker, executive deadheads out there these days.
    For example, consider dudes like this.

  • Scott

    Cool stuff, especially the soundboards.
    Btw, RRE in Portland OR, 12.29-12.31, breaking our traditional NYE run. We can’t afford airfare at this late juncture.

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