Daily Archives: December 22, 2008

Demand for Sleeping Pills to Plummet

The manufacturer’s of prescription and over the counter soporifics were shocked at today’s news:

Fred Thompson, whose career has ranged from showbiz to politics, including a presidential run this year, is signing on for a gig that promises to draw on his talents in both fields: talkradio.

You might remember that this is the same dynamic Fred Thompson that wowed folks on the presidential campaign trail earlier this year:

But as Mr. Thompson campaigned across Iowa this week, he was something other than the dynamic presence that some in his party have been yearning for. Iowans saw a candidate who is subdued and sonorous, a laconic presence who spoke in soft monotone, threw few elbows and displayed little drive to distinguish himself from his opponents.
Mr. Thompson told few jokes and, while an easygoing presence, he did not appear to have much interest in the small talk that is a staple of retail campaigning. As he defined his candidacy, Mr. Thompson spoke in broad generalities about the conservative principles that he said had informed his political views — in particular, federalism and cutting government spending — and led him to run for president.
In the process, he often lulled audiences into the kind of stillness that engulfed the room when he finished talking at the “Lunch with Fred Thompson” in Marshalltown

He might make an amusing YouTube video and work well in a scripted environment…but, luckily, we will not have to watch him nor will we have to listen to him…unless, of course, we are looking to take a nap.