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Hello folks!
As has been pretty obvious over the past five years posting activity, aside from the Friday Ark, has been pretty minimal.
This certainly was not my original intent but, then, we all start projects with results that vary dramatically from our intentions.
No whining or mea culpas, though. The time has been what it has been and I have been pretty busy with other things.
I still read quite a few sites, mostly via RSS, and keep up with current events mostly via Twitter.
While I do have a Facebook account it has been over a month since I checked in there. It seems to me that Facebook has become much more about them making money than about us connecting with our friends and associates. So, a pox on them.
There is some chance that I will start posting more here. If you are interested check in once in a while.
I intend to give myself much more leeway on what I post. Not that anything I have written has been perfect but I am going to work hard at not letting a desire for perfection be the enemy of action.
Dave Winer has long argued that we should host our writings on our own site and that if we are going to write something on one of the silo sites we should replicate it on a site we control.
So, more of my posts may be closer to microblogging form than longer pieces, you know, stuff with more than a paragraph: capturing thoughts and ideas. Then, possibly flesh them out later or incorporate them into larger pieces. Whatever slices a better piece of pie.
Oh yea, this is all about engaging and learning. I fully reserve the right to change my position on anything if new information or a new understanding leads me in a new direction. I’ve been around long enough to know that dearly held positions from many years ago may not be valid or now may lead me to different conclusions or in different directions.
As usual, actions not words make a change.

2 thoughts on “Posting and Stuff

  • Ron

    Personally, I think keeping the Ark going for so long is an accomplishment in itself. So kudos for that. But I do look forward to reading your posts now. Also, I’ve managed to hybridize my facebook activity with my own blogging, which is to say, that I’m saying a lot of the same things in both places, and it seems to work out well, at least, for me.

  • Steve

    Thanks for the kind words.
    I have been pleased to see you pulling so much material over to your blog from Facebook. Lots of good stuff that I and others would not see otherwise.
    Keep it up!

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