Late Night Reads

Late Night Reading

A Rawlsian response to home schooling and…read the comments (even if Will Baude doesn’t like comments). If you are not already doing so you should read Crooked Timber every day…whether you are left, right or orthogonal.
Barbara Karkabi interviews Molly Ivins for the Houston Chronicle. Via Mad Kane.
This review of Mystic River presents a different picture than the one linked in last night’s Late Night Reading.
George Lakoff will help you understand the framing of ideas in political discourse. Useful to all persuasions. Via David Isenberg who was talking about the telecom industry.
Good Night!

Late Night Reading

The first edition of the Carnival of the Capitalists is here:

this weekly roundup is intended to be a “Best Of the Blogosphere” for posts covering business, economics, stocks, accounting, taxes, business law, and related topics

From the introductory post:

We have several goals with the Carnival of the Capitalists. First off, to provide a good summary of the best posts to those who don’t read business blogs every day. Secondly, to allow readers to try out a new blog by reading that blog’s best post of the week, instead of on some random day when maybe the material isn’t as interesting. Lastly, to encourage more and better business writing by those who participate.
Despite the name, you don’t have to be a capitalist to submit. Posts criticizing capitalism are welcome, but will be posted at the bottom of the page (just kidding – they will get fair placement). Also, you don’t have to be a regular business blogger to contribute a post. Any relevant post is welcome.

Via Robert Prather.