An Honest president?

Not likely:

An honest president would threaten the corrupt, dishonest and rigged two-party political system, so one getting a presidential nomination is improbable. How could an honest person obtain financing for their campaign? How could they get diverse groups to support their candidacy?

But if we are going to have such an office shouldn’t we have an honest president?

If the answer is yes, shouldn’t we throw out the current corrupt methodology of selecting candidates? And, yes, we may still not get an honest president but it would be hard to make that less likely than it is now.

Price Gouging Quote of the Day

On the critters who passed the price gouging legislation:

We are not dealing with “men of common intelligence.” We are dealing with politicians. That’s precisely the problem.

Kip explains why the bill should be considered unconstitutional and has plenty of links to discussions of the broken price gouging bill that just passed in the house of republican party and democratic party representatives.

Yes, they represent their parties and only pretend to represent their local electorates.