Post Format Testing

You will see a number of test posts showing up for a while as I test some of WordPress’s post formats.

I will probably not delete them as in the future I can use them for visual testing in different themes without recreating them again.

Apologies in advance for the gunk.

Migration Step 2

Completed the following:

1) Imported content from old site using new URL structure

2) Verified that links to the old static posts still work

3) Set up redirects for the old feeds

But please use http://themodulator/feed/

More tweaking to come.

Please let me know if you have issues or suggestions.

Migration Step 1


As some of you may have seen I am migrating the site from Movable Type to WordPress..

It is up in its most basic form now but not with out a few hiccups.  Hopefully things will go more smoothly from this point on.

I am going to import all the old content into the new site shortly but the posts will have new URLS. However, links to old posts should still work and bring up the original static post. Please let me know if something is broken.

Then on to working on some internal stuff and tweaking the appearance.

So Your Mother Might Start Blogging

If you are a techie type and your mother is thinking about blogging what would you do?
If you are Matt Mullenweg you will create a few nifty programs to help her out.
For instance, a spam catcher like Akismet:

I’m also the primary person on Akismet, Automattic’s anti-spam software for websites, which we created from scratch. We just added the first engineer six months ago, but for the past four years, it’s been just me. I decided to do it because I was worried about my mom. She hadn’t started a blog yet, but I had this crazy fear that when she did, she’d be bombarded by spam for Viagra and think that had something to do with what I did all day.

Second, if you want to make it easy for her, why heck, just create WordPress or, for the ultimate in ease of use, get a free blog on WordPress.com :

My mom started a blog a couple of weeks ago. Six years into this, and we finally made it easy enough for my mom to use.

Yea, I know this site runs on Movabletype. If time permits and all the migration issues can be resolved I’ll move it over to WordPress some day down the road.