Monthly Archives: September 2003

WKRP in Cincinnatti Bastardized

If you did not see the original versions of WKRP new or in the early years of syndication you may never see them:

Originally, nearly all the music played on the show was real rock music by real artists, both in “WKRP”‘s CBS run and in the subsequent syndicated reruns. But in the last few years, a new package of “WKRP” episodes has been distributed, and much of the music has been replaced by generic instrumental music from a music library, or by sound-alike “fake” songs. Also, some of the dialogue has been redubbed by voice impersonators, usually when the actors were speaking over the music, but sometimes to remove references to songs that have been replaced.

No point trying to improve on Julia’s evaluation:

You people suck.
Like unto the singularity in the heart of the cosmic Hoover do you suck.
A lot, is what I’m getting at.

New Computers

They are fun. However it is a tedious pain to get them set up:

Tuesday Night
1) Getting the preloaded XP OS kickstarted was a breeze
2) Connect to home network. It took a while to remember that the port it was connected to had been used to connect a switch. Finally reconfigured it to connect to a workstation.
3) Loading the near 40 patches M$ had waiting for me was not all that hard it just took time (and that is where things stopped for the evening)
Wednesday Night