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Talkin’ about kerry and bush

James Webb, Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy has a few things to say about kerry and bush. First he hammers kerry on vietnam:

To be sure, Kerry deserves condemnation for his activities as the leader of Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW).

And then he hammers bush:

Bush arguably has committed the greatest strategic blunder in modern memory. To put it bluntly, he attacked the wrong target.

Webb has a lot more to say about both. You read. You decide.
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would anyone name a drink Pimp Jiuce? Apparently because of a song.
The ingredient list looks better then many competitive products but the price is $2.00 (US) a can and the potential audience for something with this name is somewhat small. So, it has been on the market for 6 month, has anyone seen it in a store?
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Keeping Track of Your Clothes (and maybe you)

RFIDs well probably be a positive thing for retail inventory management:

(London, UK – 18 February 2004) Exel, the global leader in supply chain management, has announced that it will embark on a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) project with House of Fraser, Britain’s leading department store group. The trial will represent one of the most advanced and ambitious projects in the industry as it will test the application of RFID across international supply chains.
The project will encompass individual products from House of Fraser’s own brand manufacturers in China. RFID tags will be attached directly to garments providing the scope to track shipment movements at item level. The tags enable automatic, real-time product visibility at any point in the supply chain.

This type of application is well underway in the US as well. In particular Wal-Mart has an agressive program.
Once these things proliferate everyone and their cousin will have RFID readers, for example: 1) your friendly border guard will quickly know that you are lying about the price of that nice coat from Canada; 2) on the positive (?) side the traffic cop could quickly know if there are stolen goods in the car she just stopped; 3) your neighbor will know that you bought that sweater at the dollar store not Nordstroms. We will all probably need to buy RFID zappers to kill the damn things once we take something out of the store.
Oh, and remember to pay cash so that your purchases can’t be tied back to your credit card. There is no point in feeding federal, state, local or business databases and giving the banks an automatic skim on everything that you buy.
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Not a Black Hole

Apparently some things do not pass through with ease:

When doctors took an X-ray they were amazed. There was an enormous mass in his stomach. The metal in there weighed 5.4 kilos, enough to force his stomach down between his hips, which it did not do.

Here is the X-ray image. Unhappily the hunger artist did not survive the corrective surgery.
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