Daily Archives: April 30, 2004

Baseball Blogging

Every baseball team owner in the country should jump on the idea of adding WiFi access to their stadiums like the Giants:

SBC asked what technology initiatives we were looking at, and a natural confluence was the Wi-Fi. It was a no-brainer, because the ROI issue went out the window — our major sponsor wanted to install this for us.

Yea, their sponsor paid for it but it seems like this would provide great marketing opportunities and reinvigorate the weekday afternoon game.
If you are a wired worker who spends most of your time writing, researching and exchanging email just maybe a connected afternoon at the ballpark will bring you back to the game. I’d certainly be more likely to go to more games though I’d have to give up the 2-3 magazines I usually read in the course of a baseball game (the 1/year I currently go to).
This probably won’t catch on at football games as there are so few of them at a particular venue though there are plenty of breaks in the action. The idea probably wouldn’t work that well for soccer or basketball where the action is fairly constant. Well, except for the televised basketball games (especially the NCAAs) that are ruined by the repeated long commercial time outs.
Via Ernie the Attorney.