Daily Archives: June 5, 2004

Limbaugh: Surely You Didn’t Expect Honesty

Via Steven Taylor we learn that Rush’s weblog is consistent with the rest of his act.
Apparently his researchers and web builders steal material from others and use it without attribution. The most recent example and an earlier one is noted at Jessica’s Well. Taylor also is a victem.
Kevin Alyward has some action items to which I’d like to add: 1) write a letter to your local paper and 2) call/email other talk shows to discuss Rush’s dishonesty.
I suspect some of his listeners might finally realize that he’s not such a good roll model and quit listening.
Update: See Steven Taylor’s comment below. He point’s out that nothing was taken from his site so my classification of him as a victem is not correct.

Morning Again in America

R.I.P. Ronald Reagan
Our condolences go out to the Reagan family.
The Commissar has an extensive link roundup.
Government is not the solution, it’s the problem

Update: I had thought about writing something about how Reagan died and now I don’t need to.
S-Train has already written it:

That’s a fucked up way for a person to check out of this life…
You progress to a damn statue. No ability to do anything. No response. No emotion. Just a lump of flesh. Damn!
So I got to thinking about Ronald Reagan. Here’s a man that was an actor, governor, U.S. president, husband, friend, and father. All those experiences. All those memories. Reduced so far at the end by this disease. Terrible.
So my condolences to the family of Ronald Reagan. I know you stuck it out to the very end with him. Something family is supposed to do. Even if he was unable to express it and tell it, he left this life a happy man since you were there with him in the end.

Update (6/7): Brian Leiter has some more links. Via PZ Myers.