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Marketing Intrusion…

I have a few words for this guy:

Mookie Tanembaum, founder and chief executive of United Virtualities, says the company is trying to help consumers by preventing them from deleting cookies that help website operators deliver better services.
“The user is not proficient enough in technology to know if the cookie is good or bad, or how it works,” Tanembaum said.

Mookie, take a used hot poker and shove it where the sun don’t shine.
We can make our own decisions about which cookies or other server generated markers we want to keep on our systems! For a fee I might consider letting you keep a few more markers on my system but you damn well better ask first.
I’m rather perturbed that I now have to spend time learning how to configure Flash Player to kill off the stuff ol’ mookie is trying to spawn and then propogating that accross all the family systems.

Friday Ark

Cats, Dogs, Spiders and ? every Friday.
I’ll post links to sites that have Friday (plus or minus a few days) photos of their chosen animals as I see them (photoshops at my discretion and humans only in supporting roles).
Leave a comment or trackback to this post or email me and I’ll add yours to the list. Check back regularly for updates throughout the day on Fridays and somewhat less frequently over the weekend.
Dog folks: remember to submit your links to the Carnival of the Dogs hosted by Mickey’s Musings.
Cat folks: remember to submit your links to the Carnival of the Cats which goes up every Sunday and will be hosted this week by CathColl.net.
And, check out Laurence’s fine graphical analysis of Friday Ark boardings.
Archive editions of the Friday Ark.

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