Daily Archives: April 2, 2006

A Long Strange Flush

If it is toilets that help me pick up the posting pace, well, so be it.
This just generates way too many unwanted images:

The long, strange trip continues for Jerry Garcia’s toilet. Police say the Grateful Dead leader’s commode was stolen recently from a driveway along with three other toilets and a bidet, The Press Democrat newspaper reported Saturday.
Garcia’s salmon-colored toilet was the subject of a legal battle before it was finally moved to Sonoma, to await shipment to a Canadian casino.
It’s unclear if the toilet was swiped by a wayward Deadhead or a thief remodeling a bathroom. Police have no suspects or leads.
Henry Koltys bought Garcia’s Marin County home for $1.39 million in 1997 and removed the toilet and other items he planned to sell to raise money for a charity.

Rick L, over on the GDHour mailing list, says:

Of anything ever owned by Garcia I might like to have, this would, ahem, rank near the, ahem, bottom.