Bum Rush the Charts

Dear Musician Wannabees,
If you are going to sign with a major music label and don’t retain rights to your creative work you get just what you deserve:

Musicians should be very careful of work for hire contracts. Under a work for hire contract, you have absolutely no right in the music you create.

The rest of us can help out a little bit, help disintermediate the legacy music industry and the RIAA by supporting the Bum Rush the Charts effort that is underway today.
Via Accordion Guy.

Historic Dead

Over at the folks have started a new weekly feature. Well, new to me, as it kicked off in the last week of November 06:

In this space, every Monday, you will find information on the recorded history of the Grateful Dead’s music as it pertains to that week, specifically focusing on the shows for that week, through the band’s 30 year performing history, that reside in the Grateful Dead’s storied tape vault. Although not everything is in there, with more than 1,600 of the band’s 2,400-odd shows represented, there is plenty about which to talk. Check back weekly for new entries and insight into the vault, as well as exclusive audio clips relating to that week in the Grateful Dead’s recorded history.

The audio clips are all MP3 which may bother purists but, hey, in addition to stuff from previously released material there is plenty of unreleased vault stuff that many of us have never heard before.

My lunchtime choice today Dark Star>China Cat Sunflower>The Eleven>Caution (MP3 46.05MB) from 2/22/68 at Kings Beach Bowl.