Nasty Business

Ok, more than you might want to know….
It started out one evening a week ago with a slightly scratchy throat; no big deal.
The next night I was out, in bed, gone for 20 hours before I thought I was starting to get better. Ok, a major hit of acute bronchitis. The symptoms seemed to match.
After a day of seeming recovery, it hit again. Alternating fever and low body temperatures; no energy; no, less then no energy; aches; headache; etc. Now it was acting like a particularly virulent flu.
Yesterday and today getting slowly better. Still temperature problems and low energy, cough, and all the other symptoms of a cold.

Whatever the hell this bug is do not get it!

Now, here is something I need….

…all too often!
Professor Solomen’s new book: How to Find Lost Objects.
Principle one:

Something’s lost, and your first thought—your basic instinct—is to look for it. You’re ready to start rummaging about. To hunt for it in a random, and increasingly frenetic, fashion. To ransack your own house.
This is the most common mistake people make.
And it can doom their search from the start.

See, you and I both learned something right away. Tonight, I will read through the rest of his Twelve Principles.
Via boingboing.


S. Y. Affolee saw her doppleganger today.
Some years ago I moved into one unit of a small duplex. The other unit was unoccupied.
One day I came home from work to find some folks moving furniture, etc., into the empty unit. It was another guy, Dan, moving in and I swear I was looking at myself.
A few months later someone knocked on my front door. I opened it and the woman who was there broke into a big smile, “Hi, Dan. I wasn’t sure whether this was your door!”
It was his mother mistaking me for him.
Have you met your doppelganger?