Touch Me, Feel Me

It won’t be a surpise to the average scifi reader that someone has developed a networked “hug suit.” Tim Worstall is, though, amazed by what is unsaid :

They manage to get all the way through the report without mentioning what it’ll actually be used for. How long before the first spam email asking whether you have such a suit? And would you like to be squeezed by that 18 year old Ukrainian girl you can watch on the webcam?

Perhaps Oprah will take an in depth look at how this might impact pron addiction on tomorrow’s show. (I’ll update the link on Thursday after the show runs)
And, yes, it does seem like a good investment opportunity…the mind simply boggles at the possible variations and add-ons. Of course, there is no reason that this has to be a one way thing either.

Road Trip

I’ll be on the road for the next four days: an 2000 mile round trip to drop my daughter off at Signal Mountain Lodge for her summer job and then a quick spin through Yellowstone before heading home.
Posting will probably be pretty minimal…

Shining Brighter

Jaquandor continues his fine Move over Britney series (work friendly).
You really should spend some time with these young women. The links are a ways down his left sidebar and due to the vagaries of blogspot you might have to scroll down or up a bit after you click through to a subject. But, hey, what’s wrong with working for your pleasure.
And,….this isn’t just a guy thing either (see last post)….

Skipping Stones

Want to break the world record:

Jerdone Coleman McGhee of Wimberley, Texas, holds the current Guinness Book of World Records title for a 1992 toss that yielded an impressive 38 bounces across the Blanco River in central Texas.

Then here is what you need to do: toss the stone at greater then 25 miles per hour with a spin of 14 rotations a second and assure that it enters the water at an angle of 20 degrees.
The article does not talk about the impact of wind and water conditions.