Daily Archives: September 30, 2003

Late Night Reading

Body and Soul has a nice set of references on electronic voting. If you are not already up in arms about the issues surrounding the current generation of electonic voting machines you should be.
Felix Salmon writes long and well on how often and when should a blogger post to maximize readership.
Is there an academic bias against conservatives? The Invisible Adjunct tosses a post in the ring of discussion and has links to many other responses to this David Brooks op-ed piece (registration required and may go to pay archives soon).
Good Night!

What Have You Learned Today?

Jeff, Gamer’s Nook, talks about MIT’s Open Courseware site and says:

Personally I think this is a brilliant idea and provides a first step in an attempt to eliminate world-wide illiteracy. But the despots of the world may think otherwise because an educated populace undermines their power base. I wonder which country will be the first to start blocking MIT’s site.

This, in its first iteration, is a great site. Open Courseware does not appear to provide an interactive class experience but for the life long, self motivated learner it provides more then enough for you work through any of the classes.
It’s unlikely that in its current form it will be subject to much blocking and, for the resourceful learner, similar, but much less organized, material is available on many University web sites.